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A Discovery 30-40 Minutes Session

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Have you ever thought that your birth is a huge miracle? Of the millions, billions of cells, these two had to meet for you to appear on earth. This is much more than winning the lottery. And with all this, you still consider yourself a loser? What would you say about a person with a bag of diamonds in his hands but thought they were just glass and threw them into the sea instead of a pebble? Is he an idiot? Fool? But did you know that you do the same? You have at least five diamonds that you have never considered valuable. Do you want to know what it is? I guarantee that realizing their value will change your life. In individual sessions, we will talk about the most important thing that makes up your essence, who you really are, and what makes you unique and unrepeatable. If you feel lost and can’t sort out your desires; If you do not see the path and do not know your goals; If you do not find satisfaction in what you do; If your life stopped playing for you with all the colors of the rainbow; If you do not know what your destiny is, what is a source of strength and joy for you; If it seems to you that the people around you do not understand you and you would like to surround yourself with other people; If the relationship with your partner has stopped making your heart beat faster, or you do not have a partner, but you would like to find one; If you would like to change your habits and lifestyle; If you just want to learn how to be yourself and enjoy every moment of life

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