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Svetlana Banks
Life Coach 

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About Me

When I was three years old, I was diagnosed with an incurable disease (SMA) that, according to doctors, should have stopped my lifespan at five years old. Nobody told me I would be happy, and it was very difficult to believe in my happiness when nobody even believed I had a future.


It was hard for me to share my dreams with anyone because my dreams look like craziness. I know what it means to discover your potential. I know what it's mean to create a future that you believe in.

Now I am happily married and have many wonderful friends. I have a wonderful job that I love and it allows me to help other people. I have been on three continents, seen a few oceans, and visited many countries. I live a life that is a lot more than I ever could dream of.

That's why I'm the right person for someone who asks themselves if they could reach something or, is it possible, could I even be happy, etc. If none of the problems I had to face stopped me on the path to happiness and the opportunity to be happy and live a fulfilled life, then I can help those who are looking for fulfillment in their life and who strive to achieve big goals.

Please don't let your doubts stop you on the way to fulfillment. Choose a session with me.



Certified Professional Life Coach, Grand Canyon University


Certified Positive Psychology, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Bachelor's degree in Book specialist, Moscow State University of Printing Arts, Publishing and Editing


Why should you hire me?

I provide my clients with absolute confidentiality. Our sessions are a place of trust and security, where you can experience and express any emotions and not be afraid of your thoughts and desires.

I can listen. This does not mean that I do not interrupt, it means that I am attentive to what you say and what you are silent about. It helps me to understand you and show you what you may have missed. My questions can turn on a light in a dark room or change your perspective.

I absolutely love my clients. I enjoy it when I touch the abyss of beauty and uniqueness of another person. I admire that we can be different, we can be similar, but we never can be the same. I value my and your freedom, so I can accept someone to work with me, and I can refer someone to another specialist.

I believe in the power of the word and I can share this belief with you. I believe in the power of desires and dreams. I believe in the extraordinary potential of any person. I can support you and help you see this power and potential even if you don't see it in yourself.

In addition to diplomas and certificates, I also have personal experience that allows me to truly be a life coach.

If you have not been to my session yet, now there is such an opportunity.

Contact Me


1 512-679-2941

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You can request free 30-40 minutes session. You can also receive the service through email. Please contact me for details and any other questions.

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”

― Henry Thomas Buckle

Contact me and we will discuss great ideas for your life!

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