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All Incredible Changes Start With One Right Decision

If I'm guessing correctly, you're here because you don’t want things to stay the same. You're striving for change but don’t know where to start. Perhaps someone advised you to look here—and you did the right thing! Here, you will find a lot of useful material that will help you on this exciting path to the life you dream of.

Find out why I named the company Savour The Life.

Create A Life You've Dreamed Of With Svetlana Banks

My name is Svetlana Banks and I am a highly empathic life coach with a focus on accentuating the beauty within every individual. Author of the book 'Descent into Heaven,' which has inspired many people to find true love. A Social Media Marketing Specialist (SMM) with extensive expertise. A motivational speaker who has delivered inspiring talks in several countries, offering examples that have given hope to people in the most hopeless situations.

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I'm a certified life coach guided by the ICF Code of Ethics.

Here Are Some Ways I Might Be Able To Help You:

  • If you want an authentic relationship but find yourself afraid to even admit it to yourself. I can guide you to the hidden key that unlocks the door to what you treasure.

  • If you're stretched thin across numerous activities and feeling exhausted, I'll help you discover your sources of strength and inspiration.

  • If you're unhappy with your appearance and wish to feel desired and attractive, I'll show you the path to achieving this.

  • If you have a job that doesn't bring you joy, I will assist you in finding your true calling that delivers satisfaction and fulfillment.

  • If your life is bustling with people and events but it does not make you happy, I will walk with you on the remarkable journey towards finding your personal happiness.

  • If you have had a difficult experience, if your child has fallen ill, or if you have been given a bad diagnosis, I will show you how not to give up and how to find peaceful joy even amidst deep trials.


I was not born with this knowledge, nor did I receive it easily at university. I acquired it through deep reflection, prayers, personal experience, and observation.

Why Do Clients Choose Me?

I provide my clients with absolute confidentiality. Our sessions are a place of trust and security, where you can experience and express any emotions and not be afraid of your thoughts and desires.

I can listen. This does not mean that I do not interrupt, it means that I am attentive to what you say and what you are silent about. It helps me to understand you and show you what you may have missed. My questions can turn on a light in a dark room or change your perspective.

I absolutely love my clients. I enjoy it when I touch the abyss of beauty and uniqueness of another person. I admire that we can be different, we can be similar, but we never can be the same. I value my and your freedom, so I can accept someone to work with me, and I can refer someone to another specialist.

I believe in the power of the word and I can share this belief with you. I believe in the power of desires and dreams. I believe in the extraordinary potential of any person. I can support you and help you see this power and potential even if you don't see it in yourself.

In addition to diplomas and certificates, I also have personal experience that allows me to truly be a life coach.

If you have not been to my session yet, now there is such an opportunity.


Contact Me


(512) 524-6949

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You can request free 30-40 minutes session. You can also receive the service through email. Please contact me for details and any other questions.

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