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What Is Life Coaching And Why Do You Need a Coach?

Do you remember yourself as a child? You were curious, full of energy, and getting a taste of life with every new day. You were a genius, then, learning something new. And the world was full of colors for you. But then something happened. Someone told you that you are not a genius at all, and the world is not as beautiful as it seemed to you at first. You have lost the ability to enjoy every moment. You have lost faith in your uniqueness. You believed a lie.

Life coaching is a dialogue between two people in which you regain faith in your uniqueness. You will know yourself deeply in a new way. Someone said that someone who knows himself is greater than someone who has seen angels. Coaching is a process of knowing yourself with all the wealth of inner potential.

Imagine that your wildest dream is possible, your cherished goal is achievable, and the key to both is in you. Coaching is the moment in which you obviously will find this out. 

Please select a Coaching Program and embark on your journey to a better life. Also, kindly review the 'Pricing Plan' page.

Book an Appointment

Contact me to set up a free 30-40 minute session to talk more about whether my coaching program is the right fit for you.

What a Life Coach IS?

A life coach is an expert guide who assists individuals in:


✔ Exploring and defining a clear vision for the life clients desire.

✔ Clarifying their aspirations and ambitions that align with their life's purpose.

✔ Identifying and removing the self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, habits, and other obstacles that hinder progress toward achieving their dreams.

✔ Develop a well-structured plan to transform their dreams into reality.

✔ Taking consistent and productive actions based on the plan, adjusting and improving it as needed, and overcoming any setbacks or obstacles encountered along the way.

✔ Mastering the underlying principles of success that govern personal growth, thereby making the attainment of their goals nearly certain.


People seek out life coaches because they feel the desire to grow or because they haven't achieved the desired outcomes in their lives.

A skilled life coach assists individuals in taking small and highly impactful steps toward creating lives they genuinely adore. They fundamentally believe in the inherent power that resides within us, surpassing any circumstances or conditions we currently face—regardless of the duration and difficulty of those circumstances.


A life coach believes that anyone can lead a life they truly love. Moreover, they possess knowledge of the most effective system to guide individuals from their current life situation to the desired outcomes they wish to achieve.

Areas Of Expertise 

There is nothing so deep and integral in our world, so mysterious and at the same time simple, so unique and beautiful than a person. He himself is both a creature and a creator, and a part of the world and the universe. Being an image, he creates an image, knowing everything around him, remains unknown. He strives for a goal, for a higher purpose, for knowing his place in life, to happiness.

I invite you to step on the path of finding yourself, to make new desired changes, to happiness.

My Coaching Programs are born out of my passion for the uniqueness and beauty of each person. My goal is to help others achieve their full potential and create their desired future.

As I’ve been changing over the years and gaining more experience, I have learned about life, love, and many other things so important to me and that’s what I bring into my coaching.​

One constant throughout my coaching has been my belief that our life reflects what we believe in, what we think of, and what we choose every second, every minute of life. Coaching is a tool that helps you make necessary changes, find answers to exciting questions, and get on the path of making your dreams come true. Coaching can help you build confidence, find authentic relationships, and take meaningful action, leading to more success and fulfillment in any area of your life.

The Field Of Coaching That I Work In Is:

  • Finding your purpose and meaning in life

  • Authentic relationships

  • Goal Achievement

  • Changing habits

  • Positive thinking

  • Finding deep personal happiness

My Happy Clients

"Svetlana is an incredible coach. She is an active listener and makes you feel heard. She talks openly about the issues you bring to her and without any judgement, which makes it easy to open up to her. She asks questions that lead you to self-discoveries and refrains from giving advice. I felt heard, cared for, and respected after my sessions with her."

Ksenya Jorsh, producer, Los Angeles 

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