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People That I Admire

I've been reflecting on the qualities in people that I particularly admire and decided to jot them down. Recently, I realized that I am deeply impressed by people who can be genuinely themselves, natural in any circumstance. I admire them and want to learn from them. They are the ones who might be considered odd just because they naturally break the usual behavioral mold—they laugh when something is funny, ask about what truly interests them, and wear what they like and find comfortable.

Another quality that I extraordinarily admire, which isn't just a trait, is kindness. Such a virtue is cultivated through "putting off the old self and putting on the new." These people, for instance, instead of responding with expected resentment, react with unexpected warmth and forbearance. They are generous with kind words, feelings, and deeds. They don't have a "sore spot"; stepping on it would typically elicit understandable and justified reproaches or accusations. Their kindness is not due to mood swings but is intrinsic to their nature. They are cheerful and good-natured. There is no venom in them that could poison someone else or spill out, regardless of what that venom might be called: touchiness, harsh words, suspicions, envy, etc.

Now about men. I like men who can say "no" to a woman. For example, when a lady asks him to carry something to her house or accompany her in the elevator and so on. When he's not afraid of hearing something like, "Do you have a problem with your potency?" and doesn't try to prove otherwise. When he doesn't try to prove anything to anyone at all. A man who has a strong sense of self-respect and composure.

I love when a man can be a father—play, fool around, be tenderly gentle. When he is not ashamed of tears if they are tears of real pain, grief.

About women. Women are varied, and each has her own calling. I deeply respect those who have dedicated their lives to serving God and people. I admire those who have consciously chosen the path of the Virgin. There are many examples of such. I am absolutely sure that to think of them as deprived is a mistake. There is nothing more complete and beautiful than being what you are called to be. A Virgin is only deficient if she is alone not by choice made in spiritual freedom but for other reasons. Out of fear of building relationships, learning, finding compromises. I cannot respect what is presented as a virtue but is a complex, emotional (or physical) underdevelopment, or ignorance.

I infinitely value Motherhood. I really like women for whom children are the fruit of love and a gift from God. Women who know how to love without smothering with their love, but help to grow and become independent. Who do not seek to subjugate the will of the child, but teach them to distinguish and choose the best. And I cannot admire those who became mothers but have not learned to be one. For whom domestic chores are a burden. Who moan and perceive their situation as forced, not knowing the joy of childbirth and raising children.

I like when a woman can love, and for whom a husband is a kin, not a means to get pregnant, a "wallet," a status in society, a point of self-affirmation.

I really like simple, sincere, compassionate people. Capable of thinking, doubting their correctness, admitting mistakes. People who have convictions, faith, a meaningful understanding of their life and actions. Spontaneous, creative, capable of crazy deeds.

Well, these are thoughts off the top of my head.

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