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What Is Coaching?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

What Is Coaching

The question I've been asked most often is, how is coaching different from psychotherapy and psychology? I will try to explain it very simply and briefly. A psychologist works with a person's past, he/she helps to realize and heal from psychological trauma. The psychotherapist works with emotional upheavals, phobias, and depression. In other words, depending on the complexity of psychological health, a person may need the help of a psychologist or psychotherapist. The coach does not work with all of this. He/she does not work with a person's past, he/she does not analyze his psychological trauma. The coach works with the present and helps to move towards the desired future.

So who is a coach?

A coach is a person with his/her own history. Who has something to share with others. Who has achieved certain results in any area of life or activity, and now he/she can help others achieve similar results.

A coach is a person who knows how to listen very carefully and asks the right questions. The huge difference between psychology and coaching is that in coaching the client is the expert (in psychology, the psychologist). The coach does not give advice and does not have answers to all your questions. Imagine a situation, you are holding a box with treasures in your hands, but you do not have the key to the box, and very often it happens that you do not even know what kind of treasure you are holding in your hands. The coach is the key, or he/she helps to find the key.

You can also imagine. You see a goal in front of you, this goal is the top, to which a certain road leads. A coach is a wise travel companion, he/she is with you all the way, and will also help you make your journey shorter.

Coaching is a process in which set goals are achieved, hidden talents are revealed, the desired present and future is created. The successful one becomes even more successful, the talented one becomes even more talented. Coaching is an open and sincere relationship between a coach and a client, aimed at unleashing the client's full potential. This is some kind of cooperation, co-creation.

If you still have questions, please write comments.

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