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My Story

I was born in the picturesque city of Togliatti, Russia, nestled on the banks of the expansive Volga River. As the third and youngest child in my family, I faced unique challenges early on.

At three years old, I was diagnosed with SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), which doctors predicted would limit my lifespan to just five years. No one assured me of future happiness, making it hard to believe in such a possibility when even a future seemed out of reach.


During my childhood, my understanding of my illness was simple and natural, akin to recognizing the color of my eyes or my hair. The term “disabled” entered my vocabulary later on, and it took some time to understand its relevance to me. As I matured, I learned to accept this label and all that it entailed with equanimity.


My brother, my parents' firstborn, tragically passed away at the age of 3 from the same disease that I have. My parents were extremely worried about me because colds are very dangerous for someone with SMA. My brother, who was my parents' first child, died from pneumonia after contracting it for the eighth time in his third year of life. Consequently, my parents always endeavored to shield me from the risk of illness. As a result, I had to continuously prove myself through my actions and deeds, reassuring them that everything would be alright.


Education was a journey I embarked on from home, completing 11 years of high school through home schooling. My quest for knowledge continued independently as I sought answers to life's pivotal questions. My academic pursuits led me to complete international journalism courses in 2005 and to graduate from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts in 2010, establishing a career path in writing.


Marrying in 2011, I discovered that family life not only widened my creative horizons but also fueled my quest for personal growth and transformation. My conviction that love is paramount in life has only deepened, affirming my belief that love is a creative force that brings life into existence and imbues it with meaning and purpose.


Today, I speak not only from experience on education, having graduated from multiple universities; on work, having collaborated with diverse companies and individuals; on entrepreneurship, having developed others’ business ideas as well as my own; on creativity, having explored painting, batik, and other artistic endeavors; and on the beauty and power of words, having worked extensively as a copywriter and personally witnessed their impact. Above all of this, I speak on love, not only because I believe in it as the foundation of life but also because it is the source of my strength and the essence of my existence.


Years ago, these achievements were mere dreams, seemingly unattainable and audacious. My journey taught me the importance of staying true to my dreams, my beliefs, and my love. This personal evolution, combined with my interactions with numerous individuals, forms the core of the coaching programs I now offer.


I understand what it means to unlock your potential and to forge a future you wholeheartedly believe in.

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