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What Questions and Problems Do People Bring to a Coach

What questions and problems do people bring to a coach? I sat down to write about this and initially considered labeling myself an expert in uncovering hidden issues, but I thought that might sound too unconventional, so I'll revert to more conventional terminology. What issues does a life coach deal with?


The range of these issues is extremely wide, encompassing everything from finding one's purpose in a profession to resolving relationship problems, seeking personal growth, and much more. Let me provide you with a few examples I've encountered over the past few months:


Client 1: Experiencing dissatisfaction with work due to low pay, emotional exhaustion, and facing life-altering decisions. The desired goal is to bring about changes in their career, earn higher income, and have the opportunity to travel.

Result: We scheduled a three-month coaching program. During the first month, the desired goals were achieved, causing significant fear and confusion about the newfound success. Over the next few months, we worked on preparing the client to embrace and adapt to this success, helping them overcome their fear.


Client 2: Initially stated their goal as financial independence and a fulfilling job. However, it became clear in the process that the root cause of their failures, both professionally and in relationships with abusive individuals, lay in self-disrespect, lack of self-acceptance, and low self-confidence.


Result: This realization led to a profound self-exploration journey (details omitted to protect confidentiality), resulting in a completely transformed self-perception and, consequently, a fresh perspective on their goals.


Client 3: Divorced for many years and not in any relationship for an extended period. The goal was to find a compatible partner.


Result: They are now in a fulfilling relationship and making plans for the future.


Client 4: With several adult children living independently, the client still had rooms filled with their children's belongings, causing emotional distress. The desired goal was to address these belongings while minimizing pain associated with letting go.


Result: A clear understanding emerged regarding the significance of these items, along with a plan for their future. The client now has empty closets and bright plans ahead.


Client 5: Struggling with constant self-dissatisfaction, a lack of self-acceptance, and difficulty understanding their emotions and desires. The goal was to achieve a harmonious self-perception.


Result: Through dialogue, the client uncovered deep psychological trauma as the root cause of their issues. This awareness led to acceptance, a newfound sense of freedom, self-understanding, and the elimination of self-disorders.


It's worth noting that the theme of self-discovery has been prevalent in my recent coaching experiences. What may seem like simple inquiries into understanding emotions and desires often unearth complex and forgotten aspects of an individual's life. Questions, like gentle touches, can bring forgotten and hidden experiences into the realm of consciousness, profoundly altering the course of one's life.


One additional point to clarify: while a coach's primary focus isn't on addressing deep psychological injuries or unearthing hidden skeletons, these often emerge during the coaching process.

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